About Recycle for Life

Recycle for Life is a recycling programme that rewards cash through the use of a smart card.

Cenviro conceived the idea of the Recycle for Life concept, together with MyKasih Foundation.

The Recycle for Life is Cenviro’s initiative to reduce our dependency on landfills in the country and encourage the 4R programme (reduce, reuse, recycle & recover).

The programme is also in line with our objective of enhancing public practice in recycling activities as well as to support the Government in the Separation at Source initiatives.

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About MyKasih Foundation

The MyKasih Foundation is a non-profit organisation that aims to help less fortunate Malaysians regardless of race, religion and descent. We do this through our food aid, counselling, financial literacy and skills training programmes. Through its integrated programmes, the MyKasih Foundation aims to establish loving and caring neighbourhoods all over Malaysia and the World.

The MyKasih programme drives welfare distribution with a technological difference. Using ePetrol Systems’ cashless payment system, MyKasih programme provides welfare recipients with the means to shop, select and pay for exactly what they need, and all without any cash changing hands. In effect, welfare recipients use their MyKad as a payment tool at designated retail outlets.


The Recycle for Life smart card can be used for any purchase rights of goods at selected hypermarket convert in bookshops, shop of partner outlets.

Through Recycle for Life collection, we will collect recyclables items, weigh them and credit a cash value in the Recycle for Life smart card based on the current market price.


Our Target

The Recycle for Life is Cenviro’s CSR programme, the first of its kind in the country. Government’s targets to achieve a higher recycling and recovery rate of 22% by 2020. Current rate is 11%. With Recycle for Life programme, we hope to achieve higher.




Cenviro is wiling to share the Recycle for Life concept with any interested parties.