The Heart of the Green Solutions Revolution


Environmental Preservation and Innovation Centre

Cenviro’s expertise in waste management is extended to the development of human capacity building with the establishment of its Environmental Preservation and Innovation Centre. The Centre aims to develop national and institutional knowledge and provide innovative and reliable solutions for the complete spectrum of waste management and renewable energy.

EPIC - Work in progress
EPIC - Work in progress
EPIC - Work in progress
EPIC - Work in progress
EPIC - Work in progress

Four Development Pillars

  1. Human Capital Development

    Institutionalise knowledge and safety capability in sustainability of resources as part of Circular Economic Model.

  2. Innovations and Advanced Technology Development

    Coordinate and Facilitate the creation of innovative solutions for waste management and turn.

  3. Green Economy Development

    Introduce new products and markets both from local innovations and by adopting appropriate foreign technologies at the Waste.

  4. Environmental Awareness and Social Responsibility

    Increase of public awareness, education and commitment in environmental through outreach programme, exhibition and workshop

The EPIC building, designed by renowned architect Hijjas Kasturi has been certified as a Platinum Green Building Index (GBI rating) with Solar Power on roof and its construction is based on a bio-climatic design with green features such as rain harvesting solar and the use of recycled materials. This building is the 17th Platinum GBI in the country and the first in Negeri Sembilan.

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