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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For treatment and disposal, we hold the license for 76 categories of 77 scheduled waste listed under Environmental Quality (Scheduled Wastes) Regulations 2005, except for SW431 which is explosive waste. For recycling and recovery, we holds the license for SW110, SW305, SW306, SW307, SW314, SW322, SW323, SW325, SW401, SW409, SW417, SW418, SW421, and SW422. We are looking to expand our capability for recycling and recovery. Find out more at Scheduled Waste Management
The rates differ between waste types and the treatment/recycling process needed to handle the wastes. You may reach out to our Sales representatives for more information on the rates.
We are covering collections from all over Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia. We have a wide variety of fleet types consisting of curtain-sider lorries, tipper lorries, skip bins and IMO tanks with sizes ranging from 3 to 20 tonnes. Find out more on our fleets at Marketing Kit.
We will guide our customers to pack and label the waste prior to collection. We also provide packaging services if necessary. Speak to our expert.
Yes, we do once the waste has been treated/processed and payment has been completed. Customers can access the Certificate of Destruction (COD) via EIWIS.

We would require one month to start collection after the agreement (SWTTA or SWRRA) signing. After signing SWTTA/SWRRA, we need to get LHDN stamping and TWG approval from DOE. Next, we would require our customers to raise DCTI for collection requests, 10 days prior to collection. For the first collection, our Sales representative will be there to assist you.