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Recycling & Recovery

Cenviro Recycling & Recovery

Based on the 4R concept of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover, Cenviro offers a spectrum of end-to-end scheduled waste services that offer value beyond conservation and recycling solutions by reintroducing valuable materials back into the circular economy. 

Recycle for Life

Get as much as you give with Cenviro’s Recycle For Life porgramme. As an initiative to encourage increased recycling activities, this initiative rewards participants with cash value when they recycle responsibly.

Shan Poornam

Since 1960, Shan Poornam has steadfastly overseen the management of industrial hazardous waste, conversion of raw materials as well as the recovery and refining of high grade precious metals.

Other Core Businesses

Municipal Solid Waste Management

e-Waste Management

Our Capabilities