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Vertical Secured Landfill

About Vertical Secured Landfill

In 2015, the existing secured landfill at the WMC was close to full capacity. We had a major problem of finding adequate space for incoming waste. We then conceptualised a strategic vision to create more air space at our existing landfill. The Vertical Secured Landfill Project was born and construction commenced in March 2015.

Over the next four years, a 24m high geogrid wall will be built along the 1.7km parameter of our existing secured landfill. This first phase (Phase 1) will provide an additional capacity of 1.5 million MT and increase the lifespan initial by 15 years without using new land.

What is Geogrid Wall?

A green wall works as soil reinforcement

Flexible, fast and easy to construct

Structure designed for durability

Better resistance to dynamic characteristics


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